The day after …

This the Taller Books team today. It’s been an amazing weekend of #AtHomeYALC events, and now we need to sleep off the exhaustion . . .

Massive thanks to Josie Jaffrey and AE Warren for joining Rachel for the self publishing workshop! You can still catch the 20-minute rundown of essentials for Indies on YouTube.

Hopefully we’ll be back in London for YALC 2022 – come and visit us on the Taller Books stand! It’s a brilliant event. Just make sure you bring book money, comfortable shoes, and plenty of strong bags for your book haul …

See you there!

Adventures in Publishing

The publication date for Battle Ground (Battle Ground #1) is fast approaching, and we’re hard at work, making sure everything is ready for our readers!

Proof copies

I am so excited to finally have a proof copy of the paperback edition in my hands! There’s nothing like seeing the manuscript you’ve been perfecting on a screen for eighteen months converted into a gorgeous physical book. I keep picking it up and turning the pages, just to check it’s real!

Sadly it is only a proof copy, so you’ll have to imagine it without the grey stripe. Not long now until we have copies of the real thing!


Taller Books will be at the Young Adult Literary Convention in July, launching Battle Ground on publication day. We’re already busy designing flyers and staff badges and the backdrop for our stand. If you’re coming to YALC, make sure you say hello!

The Battle Ground series book covers

Battle Ground series

Rachel has been working hard on the rest of the series, making sure the books are edited and proofread in time to publish them later in the year.

Publication dates for the Battle Ground books are:

Battle Ground (Battle Ground #1) – 25th July 2019
False Flag (Battle Ground #2) – 5th September 2019
Darkest Hour (Battle Ground #3) – 17th October 2019
Fighting Back (Battle Ground #4) – 28th November 2019
Victory Day (Battle Ground #5) – 3rd January 2020

And don’t forget our FREE novella, Making Trouble, available now.

Getting there …

We’ve got a lot more work to do before we launch Battle Ground, but we’re looking forward to making all the books in the series available to our readers. Keep an eye out here for announcements, or join our mailing list to stay up to date.

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