YA Review: The Final Rising (Tomorrow’s Ancestors #4)

Title: The Final Rising (Tomorrow’s Ancestors #4)
Author: AE Warren

YA Review: The Final Rising

The finale of the Tomorrow’s Ancestors series is here, and it’s time to turn turn the rigid society ruled by genetically enhanced humans upside down!

In the previous books, we learned about the genetic engineering used to produce superior versions of humans, as well as bringing back extinct species, including Neanderthals. Unenhanced humans are held responsible for the historic damage to the planet and forced to make reparations, while the elite use their genetic knowledge and upgrades to hold onto power. Elise, an unenhanced Sapien, works with the Neanderthals in the Museum of Evolution, where they live in zoo-like conditions with no knowledge of the contemporary world.

Elise and several Neanderthals have escaped from the Museums, and have been living in hiding with other Sapiens who are unhappy with their controlled society. After the disastrous events of The Fourth Species, book three in the series, her companions set about finding a space place to build their own society, outside the influence of the genetically enhanced ruling classes.

The key characters from the previous books are back, working together to protect their community, but there’s a spy in their settlement and nothing they are working for is safe. Elise and her friends must decide who to trust, and what to risk for their safety and eventual freedom.

It’s another exciting instalment in the series, and (without spoiling anything!) a satisfying ending to the story.

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