Free Book!

It’s a year since we published Fighting Back, Book Four in the Battle Ground Series, and we’re celebrating with a giveaway! The award-winning Battle Ground, Book One of the Battle Ground Series, is completely FREE to download this weekend!

Find your free download on your local Amazon store, and discover the series that’s ‘raising the standard for YA dystopian fiction’.

Happy birthday, Fighting Back!

Bargain box set!

Darkest Hour, Book 3 of the Battle Ground Series, was published a whole year ago. To celebrate, we’re offering the Books 1-3 Kindle Box Set for only 99p/99c TODAY!*

The box set is usually £6.99 / $9.99, so grab yourself a bargain and discover the series that book blogger AyJayPageFarer says is ‘raising the standard for YA dystopian fiction’!

Check out our promotional video!

* US/UK only (Amazon’s rules, not ours!)