Library Talk – 9th October 2019

Adventures in self-publishing

Local author Rachel Churcher will be giving a talk on her experiences in self-publishing at Bury St Edmunds library. The talk, on October 9th, will focus on her Young Adult dystopia series, Battle Ground, and on the obstacles and opportunities facing independent authors.

Rachel has spent the last two years writing, editing, and promoting her five-book series. Two books (Battle Ground and False Flag) have already been published, and the third, Darkest Hour, will be launched on October 17th. The Battle Ground series is set in a dystopian near-future UK, after Brexit and Scottish independence. The books have been called ‘relevant’, ‘thrilling’, ‘thought-provoking’ and ‘scarily near the mark’. Independent reviewers called Battle Ground ‘engaging, thrilling, intense, and wild’, and ‘an awesome read’.

Self-publishing is not an easy option, and the last year has been a steep learning curve for the author as she has taken on the roles of editor, production manager, social media manager, cover designer, and promotions manager for her books. Whether you’re a writer thinking about publication, a reader wondering what self-publishing looks like, or a lover of dystopian fiction, her talk will give you an insight into the work that goes into bringing a book to its audience.

Rachel’s talk will be held in the Conference Room at 10.30 am on October 9th. Free tickets are available from Bury St Edmunds Library. For information on the Battle Ground series, visit, and to download a free novella in the series, head to

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