Here’s what our editing clients have said about us:

I worked with Rachel on Daisy Jacobs Saves the World. I’d felt like a boxer, midway through a bout, who suddenly had someone experienced and supportive in my corner; I was exhausted and somewhat battered by the writing process, but Rachel saw the bigger picture, the overarching structure of what I was trying to do, and was able to guide me through to the victory of publication.

Rachel did pick up a few irritating niggles that had remained in my manuscript, but much more important was the impressive way she bought into my individual vision, whilst retaining an extraordinary appreciation for the indie book market. I felt both in control and empowered by her comments, support and guidance.

If you are an indie author, you want Rachel in your corner.

Gary Hindhaugh, author of Daisy Jacobs Saves the World

Rachel has so far proofread two of my books – Black Ice and Erinsmore – and I particularly liked the way she never once tried to change “my voice” but instead worked with me. Her suggestions were always spot on, and her ability to see issues I’d missed uncanny.

An indie author herself, Rachel understands how hard it can be for indies to benefit from the same level of editing services that traditionally published authors receive, and her services go a long way to helping authors polish their books to the highest standard possible.

Always good-humoured and tactful, Rachel will take you by the literary hand and provide useful and honest feedback on your manuscript. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will be using her services for my future novels.

Julia Blake, author of Black Ice and Erinsmore

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel Churcher this past year. She was kind enough to proofread the ARC copy of my novella. No doubt due to her many years of editing experience, she found typos that had been missed by several other beta and ARC readers as well as an earlier edit done by my regular editor. In addition, she also suggested ideas for a couple of areas of the book. Rachel is devoted to helping indie writers improve the quality of their books.  

Bruce A Hanson, award-winning author of short fiction

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