Cover Reveal!

It’s here – the cover reveal for our new UKYA contemporary novel (with a twist …) from award-winning author Rachel Churcher!

cover reveal

What’s the book about?
Angels have lived among us for as long as we can remember. They don’t have powers, but they do have wings. They’ve always hidden their wings, and who they are – until Kane.

Melodie Abbot remembers the day she saw Kane’s taboo-shattering billboard. A beautiful model showing his wings on Oxford Street, on a photo as tall as a building.

When sixteen-year-old Mel finally meets her idol, disaster strikes. Can she find a way to free herself from his shadow, and what will her future hold?

Angels is a coming-of-age story, a university heartbreak novel with a twist, a celebration of friendship and desire, and an exploration of attraction, identity and self-expression.

It takes courage to find your wings …

We’ll be launching the book in November. Keep an eye out for more announcements!

Book news!

There’s a new UKYA book coming from Taller Books and award-winning author Rachel Churcher! We’ll have more information next week – watch this space …

new UKYA book

Cover Reveal!

The Battle Ground Series Books 1-3 Bargain Box Set has had a makeover! We’re testing the new covers with new Amazon Ads and hoping to tempt some new readers who enjoy YA Dystopian stories.

We love our original covers, but we asked a marketing specialist to take a look at our books, and they suggested using covers that are a better fit for the YA Dystopia genre.

Book covers on Amazon are extremely genre-specific. YA Fantasy? You’ll need a young woman dressed in black, facing the reader, with a suggestion of magic going on around her. YA Romance? You’ll probably want cutesy handwriting for the title, and plenty of pink. YA Dystopia? A young person facing away from the reader, possibly armed, probably looking at the ruins of their civilisation.

Rather than change all our covers, we’ve decided to test the new designs on the Books 1-3 Box Set. So here it is! The new-look Kindle box set, featuring ruined buildings, a character walking away from the reader, and some almost-correct Home Forces body armour.

We’d love to know what you think!