Cover Reveal!

The Battle Ground Series Books 1-3 Bargain Box Set has had a makeover! We’re testing the new covers with new Amazon Ads and hoping to tempt some new readers who enjoy YA Dystopian stories.

We love our original covers, but we asked a marketing specialist to take a look at our books, and they suggested using covers that are a better fit for the YA Dystopia genre.

Book covers on Amazon are extremely genre-specific. YA Fantasy? You’ll need a young woman dressed in black, facing the reader, with a suggestion of magic going on around her. YA Romance? You’ll probably want cutesy handwriting for the title, and plenty of pink. YA Dystopia? A young person facing away from the reader, possibly armed, probably looking at the ruins of their civilisation.

Rather than change all our covers, we’ve decided to test the new designs on the Books 1-3 Box Set. So here it is! The new-look Kindle box set, featuring ruined buildings, a character walking away from the reader, and some almost-correct Home Forces body armour.

We’d love to know what you think!

Bargain box set!

Darkest Hour, Book 3 of the Battle Ground Series, was published a whole year ago. To celebrate, we’re offering the Books 1-3 Kindle Box Set for only 99p/99c TODAY!*

The box set is usually £6.99 / $9.99, so grab yourself a bargain and discover the series that book blogger AyJayPageFarer says is ‘raising the standard for YA dystopian fiction’!

Check out our promotional video!

* US/UK only (Amazon’s rules, not ours!)