#AtHomeYALC Promotional Materials

Here they are! Graphics for use on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, mailing lists, etc. Please save the graphics and use them wherever you can to promote the Virtual Book Fair.

Please remember that it is essential to use the hashtag #AtHomeYALC on Twitter and Instagram. This will ensure that your posts are retweeted and promoted by the YALC organising team, and available to everyone following the #AtHomeYALC hashtag. If you can also use #YALC and #YALC2020, that would be fantastic.

Participants – please feel free to use the logo in any graphics you produce. This is my design, and I’m very happy for you to use it to promote your book, and your broadcast.


Twitter / blogs / mailing lists

Instagram / blogs / mailing lists

For use on the 25th
Save these for use on Saturday, but then share them everywhere!


Please get back to me with questions, issues, etc, and I will do my best to sort them out. I’m @Rachel_Churcher on Twitter, and I’ll be checking admin@tallerbooks.com – keep in touch!

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#AtHomeYALC is an official hashtag to be used by authors over the YALC weekend. The Virtual Book Fair is not an official YALC event, but is organised in partnership with the #AtHomeYALC hashtag and promoted by Taller Books and YALC.