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Hi, and thank you so much for following my link. If you’re reading this, you’re (hopefully!) one of the bloggers who gave me such amazing support with the launch of the Battle Ground Series, so THANK YOU again for making such a massive difference to my publishing journey. You’re all heroes.

I have a quick favour to ask. On 25th July, I will be running a Virtual Book Fair on Twitter Live for indie YA authors. We were hoping to be promoting our books at YALC in London next weekend, but the event has (unsurprisingly!) been cancelled.

The YALC organisers have offered to retweet publicity that uses the hashtag #AtHomeYALC, if authors run their own virtual YALC events. So here’s the favour …

I’ll be trailing the event from Monday 20th (that’s next week!), using the #AtHomeYALC hashtag, and I’ve created publicity graphics for use on Twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc. It would be AMAZING if you could help share the publicity for this event.

Any support would be incredibly welcome. Retweeting #AtHomeYALC tweets. Mentioning the event on your blog. Posting the graphics with the #AtHomeYALC hashtag.

I’d like to reach as many YA readers as I can, and I’m really hoping you can help with that! I know you reach a huge YA audience with your blog and social media accounts, and it would be fantastic to share this event with them.

No obligation, obviously – but if you can help out with publicity, you’ll have my eternal gratitude! Battle Ground is one of the books being promoted, so this helps me as well as the other authors. Who knows – if you join us for the event, you might find a new favourite author!

The graphics can be saved from https://tallerbooks.com/athomeyalc-promo/ , and you’ll find more information on the event via the links below.

Thank you SO much for reading this far. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and comments at admin@tallerbooks.com .

Best wishes,

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#AtHomeYALC is an official hashtag to be used by authors over the YALC weekend. The Virtual Book Fair is not an official YALC event, but is organised in partnership with the #AtHomeYALC hashtag and promoted by Taller Books and YALC.