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Welcome to the #AtHomeYALC Virtual Book Fair – bringing you the best indie authors 2020 has to offer!

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Rachel ChurcherBattle Ground
An award-winning YA author and passionate YA reader and blogger, Rachel is always looking for her next favourite book. She has a book-buying habit, and a large library at home (she thinks of it as a portal to other worlds). Organiser of the #AtHomeYALC Virtual Book Fair – welcome to our event!

Lis Anna-LangstonGobbledy
Lis Anna-Langston was raised alongside the winding current of the Mississippi River on a steady diet of dog-eared books. She attended a creative and performing arts school from middle school until graduation and went on to study literature at Webster University. She is a Parents’ Choice Gold and a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner. She draws badly and sings loudly, and loves ketchup, starry skies, and stories with happy endings aliens. Lis Anna-Langston lives in Columbia, South Carolina.

Amy Beashel The Sky is Mine
Amy Beashel, who swore she’d never have pets or live north of London, lives in Shropshire with her family and their two dogs and a cat. When she’s not writing, she’s probably thinking (or crying) about writing. A Guinness-World-Record holder for space hopping a mile in just over 17 minutes, Amy is obsessed with books, podcasts and Nutella.

Michael J Bowler I Know When You’re Going to Die / Children of the Knight
Michael J. Bowler is a teacher, adoptive parent, volunteer with disenfranchised youth, lifelong child advocate, award-winning author of The Lance Chronicles series—books with multi-racial and LGBT characters that deal with significant issues facing American youth today, Spinner, a horror thriller featuring teens with disabilities as the heroes, and the brand new YA mystery/thriller I Know When You’re Going To Die.   

Lisa Braver MossShrug
Lisa Braver Moss is the author of the novels The Measure of His Grief and the award-winning Shrug. Her nonfiction book credits include Celebrating Family and, as co-author, The Mother’s Companion and Celebrating Brit Shalom. Her essays, from humorous to scholarly, have appeared in the Huffington Post, Parents, Lilith, Yahoo Business News, and many other publications.

Judith CrowDance With Me
Judith was born in Orkney and grew up in Lincolnshire. The rural nature of her upbringing is evident in her writing and Judith’s books always centre on this. Judith is a primary school teacher who enjoys writing in her spare time, as well as music and crafting. Her debut book, The Backwater, was a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards.

Josie JaffreyThe Gilded King
Josie lives in Oxford, England, with her husband and two cats. When she’s not writing, she works as a lawyer, specialising in intellectual property and commercial law.

Rae KnightlyBen Archer and the Cosmic Fall
Rae Knightly is the author of The Alien Skill Series – a science-fiction adventure series for teens. She lives in Vancouver, on the West Coast of Canada, with her husband and two children.

Tanya Lee The Wolf and the Rain
Tanya Lee holds a B.A from the University of British Columbia in literature and political science, and an MSc.(Planning) in international rural planning and development from the University of Guelph. With a focus on international development and human rights, Tanya has worked on counter-trafficking, safe-migration, and health projects in India, Nepal, Mexico, Haiti, and various countries in Africa. She also acts in independent films, particularly those with a focus on human rights and gender equality.

Robyn Prokop Taelstone / Heartstone
Award winning author, Robyn Prokop, writes fantasy and children’s picture books. In 2019 she traded in her career as English teacher and principal. Now she builds fantasy worlds. Living on a lifestyle block in New Zealand, her writing day is interspersed with chasing chickens, growing vegetables, and planting flowers for bees.

Avi SilverTwo Dark Moons
Avi Silver is a queer, nonbinary author and editor of speculative fiction. They published Two Dark Moons in 2019 through The Shale Project, an award-winning indie arts collective roughly in the shape of a planet. Find their short fiction in Common Bonds: An Aromantic Speculative Anthology, forthcoming in 2020.

Abigail TyrrellRoots Before Branches
Abigail was born and raised in Suffolk, England, where she still lives now. A proud LGBTQ+ member, she writes romance novels in both the YA and Adult genres. Roots Before Branches is her debut novel.

Joshua Winning Seth Riley Isn’t Ready Yet
Joshua Winning is an author and film journalist who writes for Radio Times, Total Film and SFX. He is the author of acclaimed YA thriller Vicious Rumer and Cambridge-set dark fantasy series The Sentinel Trilogy, which was partly inspired by his upbringing in the city. Joshua also co-wrote ’80s YA teen horror novel Camp Carnage, and his short story ‘Dead Air’ was published in Speak My Language: An Anthology of Gay Fiction.

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#AtHomeYALC is an official hashtag to be used by authors over the YALC weekend. The Virtual Book Fair is not an official YALC event, but is organised in partnership with the #AtHomeYALC hashtag and promoted by Taller Books and YALC.