YA Review: The Fourth Species (Tomorrow’s Ancestors #3)

Title: The Fourth Species (Tomorrow’s Ancestors #3)
Author: AE Warren

I’ve been waiting to read book three in this intriguing series, and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed coming back to the world created in the first two books.

After a future climate disaster, humans have created a superior species using genetic engineering. Unenhanced Homo Sapiens are held responsible for the historic damage to the planet and forced to make reparations, while the elite use their genetic knowledge to hold onto power and bring back extinct species. The first two books of the series are centred around Elise – a an unenhanced Sapien – and the newly resurrected Neanderthals she works with. Book three is told from the points of view of three different women with vastly different roles and experiences of the world they share, giving the reader a deeper insight into the politics and dangers at every level of society.

Elise, exiled from the official settlements, is working as a spy. Her team gathers information on the activities of the enhanced Potior and Medius classes, risking their lives and freedom to protect Uracil, their secret base. Twenty-Two is one of the Neanderthals rescued from zoo-like conditions and integrated into life in exile. Genevieve is a genetically enhanced Medius in Adenine, working to improve her social standing while she passes secrets to agents from Uracil. Together they shape the story, bringing different perspectives and insights into the events of the book.

It’s an effective structure. Elise and her team travel between the official bases, infiltrating the settlements and picking up information vital to the survival of Uracil. Twenty-Two is concerned with earning the trust of the people around her after the events of the second book. Her chapters are centred in Uracil, offering close observation of the personalities and politics of the secret settlement, and a front-row view of the dramatic events of the story. Genevieve’s chapters bring the view from the top of society, giving the reader a glimpse behind the scenes of the official settlements, and the cut-throat politics of the ruling Potiors.

There’s danger, action, adventure and excitement. There’s heartbreak and loss alongside community and determination. There’s manipulation, disappointment, and a few plot twists along the way. It’s a mid-series book, so there is no resolution to the story, but the ending sets the scene for the final book in the series.

I can’t wait to read it!

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