YA Review: Shatter Me Novellas

Title: Unite Me / Find Me
Author: Tahereh Mafi
Edition: Paperback
Rating: 3/5 / 4/5

Unite Me (3/5)
This is an tiny, expensive paperback featuring two short stories that link to the first three books of the Shatter Me series, along with the contents of Juliette’s journal. While it was interesting to read sections of the story with Warner and Adam as narrators, I didn’t think the book contributed much to the series. Juliette’s journal was interesting, but we’ve read some of it before, and most (if not all) of it features in the fourth novel in the series.

I’m glad I read the short stories (Destroy Me and Fracture Me), but I was disappointed that there were no dramatic revelations from these two important characters. Juliette’s journal provided a deeper insight into her state of mind at the start of the series, but again there were no new elements for the reader. An expensive book for collectors looking to line their bookshelves with the complete series.

Find Me (4/5)
Another tiny, expensive paperback with two short stories linked to the Shatter Me series – this time from Kenji’s point of view. Shadow Me gives Kenji’s view of the lead-up to the dramatic events at the end of Restore Me, and unlike the previous tie-in stories, it adds depth to the series. There is character development for the narrator, and an exploration of his relationships with other characters – Castle and Warner in particular. Reveal Me is an exciting, fast-paced piece that picks up from the final scene of Defy Me, leading into the events of the final book in the series and adding another viewpoint to the main narrative.

Kenji is an important character in the Shatter Me series, but he isn’t given a narrative voice until Defy Me. These stories provide an insight into his thoughts and feelings, and provide an external view of Juliette, Warner, and their relationship. This is a much better tie-in than Unite Me, and I enjoyed learning about the setting and the events of the series through Kenji’s eyes.

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