Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU from Taller Books to everyone who has supported, promoted, and enjoyed the Battle Ground Series. It has taken two years, two months and nine days, but all five books and the prequel novella are now out in the wild.

At risk of sounding like an Oscar winner, there are some people we need to thank. Our proof readers, without whom Ketty wouldn’t have her own story, Bex’s journey in Book Four would be considerably less interesting, and the typo count would be so much higher. Our beta readers, who calmed our nerves, and whose suggestions made the books more polished. Everyone at YALC who encouraged us and provided a platform to promote Book One. Jericho Writers, NaNoWriMo, and everyone who gave us advice on writing and publishing the books. Our designer, Medina Karic, who worked with our rough sketches to produce such gorgeous eye-catching covers. Former colleagues, who encouraged Rachel to start writing when she suddenly had time on her hands. The Book Club, for showing us how fantastic YA can be, and all our local writers, for encouragement, support, book signings, and mornings in the Waterstones cafe.

And a huge THANK YOU to our readers, for taking a chance on an indie author, and for all your wonderful feedback. Thank you to everyone who has posted a review, tweeted about the books, made Instagram Stories and sent us photos of our books in their hands. It all means more than we can say.

Thank you.

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