False Flag Blog Tour: Thank You!

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all the book bloggers who took part in the False Flag Blog Tour. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive and thoughtful, and it is wonderful to see people enjoying the second book in the Battle Ground series. I was nervous about this one, but I shouldn’t have worried!

If you missed the reviews, you can find them all here:

Writing with WolvesAfter reading book one I was obsessed with this series, but book two has increased that obsession tenfold.

Herding CatsA dystopian post Brexit series with a kickass female lead.

AyJayPageFarerAnything that engages the young with politics and philosophy gets much admiration and respect from me – and this novel has only increased that. Once again, for the intended target YA audience, this one gets 5 stars.

Joe JotsThe second novel in Rachel Churcher’s Battle Ground series is a real treat.

ReasReadsThat’s the sign of good writing – the previous protagonist has become an annoying side character.

Me and My BooksA fast paced book that is full of action and conspiracy – it gets a Definitely Recommended from Me.

Sean’s Book ReviewsThe second book in this wonderful series. I am really enjoying Ketty and her journey.

Jessica BelmontRachel Churcher is fantastic at world building and character crafting. 5/5.

Just BooksI am enjoying this fascinating and plausible series and I’m looking forward to reading book 3.

Splashes into Books – Promo spot

Nesie’s Place – Promo spot

In De BoekenKastA political, fast-paced story … where nothing is black or white.

The Magic of Wor(l)ds – Promo spot

Mai’s MusingsStarting from the same point as Battle Ground and covering a lot of the same events, False Flag really shows that there are two sides to every story.

FNM – Promo spot

Radzy WritesPeople are always more than we initially suspect, and I love nothing more than a ‘monster with a heart’. It fuels me, gets me up in the morning, and is a huge inspiration of mine. Churcher captures this, and it’s wonderful.

Jazzy Book ReviewsA fascinating read. 4.5 stars from me!

Doublestacked ShelvesA very interesting premise and an engaging topic for young adults facing a post-Brexit future.

B for Bookreview – Promo spot

Donna’s Book BlogThe author has written a thoroughly enjoyable story and it is certainly one that makes you question a few things and gives you plenty of “what ifs” too, especially with the current political climate!

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers If you’re a Young Adult fan looking for your next dystopian adventure, today’s title in the spotlight might just be the very thing you’re looking for. 

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