YA Review: The Gilded King

Title: The Gilded King
Author: Josie Jaffrey
Edition: Paperback
Rating: 4/5

Post-apocalyptic vampires! Zombies! Myths and legends of the fall of civilisation, and the origins of the vampire-based society. Book one of Josie Jaffrey’s Sovereign series is an inventive, original, and exciting read.

The world (post-apocalyptic Europe) and the scenario (a virus turning people into zombies, and a class of vampires immune to the disease) are well developed, and the settings are vividly described. The story follows two points of view – Julia, a human servant, and Cameron, a vampire on a mission to find an old friend. I enjoyed following Julia’s story through plenty of twists and heart-pounding moments, and I liked the development of her relationship with her best friend. Cameron’s story was exciting, with just as many twists and surprises. When the politics and intrigues of the society start to affect both characters, the book becomes even more gripping.

If you’re after a new take on the vampire romance genre, with plenty of backstabbing, plotting, and adventure, this book should be next on your reading list.

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  1. I read something quite similar recently – The Western Passage by G. DiCarlo, was set in Canada and involved a group of humans trying to cross the mountains avoiding both Vampires and the recently created zombie-like pseudo-vamps. Guilded King sounds better., I’ll keep and eye out. Perhaps zombie-Vampire-romance mash-ups is the new big thing? I think more likely they’ve both had their day though.

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