YA Review: The Third Day, The Frost (Tomorrow #3)

Title: The Third Day, The Frost (Tomorrow #3)
Author: John Marsden
Edition: Paperback
Rating: 4/5

Book 3 in the Tomorrow series sees Ellie and her friends fighting back against the invasion of Australia. Ellie’s narration is vivid and engaging, drawing the reader in as the group’s guerilla actions expand in scale, and the friends begin to lose control of their surroundings and their safety.

There’s plenty of action in this book, and plenty of heart-pounding fear. The teenagers are resourceful and daring, but their actions have frightening consequences, pushing them to find new ways to be brave. The relationships between the friends change and develop as the story progresses, reflecting the changes in their country, and in the actions they are willing to take. They surprise each other with their bravery, and with their reactions to the events of the story, and this development feels authentic and inspiring.

It’s another good story, and the first-person narrative pulls the reader into the danger and the challenges faced by the characters. This is the last book in the original Tomorrow trilogy, but John Marsden has written more books in the series. I definitely need to know what happens next!

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